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What we do (and do well)

Bringing Grace to the Chaos 
Our mission is to help you enjoy the design journey, guide you, and even- dare we say it- have FUN IN THE PROCESS. Life is short - let’s have a blast and create something into reality- it's such a cool feeling to see our designs come to life - we can't wait for you to experience it yourself! 

Empathy & Understanding 
Interior design is about humans, first and foremost. We see you and we see what your spaces mean to you - that is what is most important to us. Let’s start with the humans (and sometimes pets) using the space, and from there the design journey begins. 

Educating, Consulting, & Coordinating
We love the why. G&C is run by Gemini twins, so curiosity, knowledge, and communication are in abundance. We love being able to help you understand both the possibilities and the limitations in a space. Our approach is to design intelligently- carefully considering both the reality of the structure and the opportunity to create change. We manage the details - and in any construction project, details are crucial.

So, how we can help?

Interior Design & Implementation Services

Development & Design Build

We work with contractors and builders to design single family homes for both spec and for private clients. For spec homes we can coordinate design selections, built-ins, fireplace layouts, paint colors, flooring, millwork, full kitchen design, full bathroom design, etc. We can also work directly with their clients to coordinate all of the above, as well as, owner supplied item selections.

Commercial & Hospitality

We have experience designing restaurants, hotels, apartment complexes, community clubhouses, lobbies, amenity spaces, model unit staging, office spaces, small businesses, fitness studios, corporate and private dining spaces, photography studios, pretty much anything!


Space planning, room makeovers, new construction, additions, kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, outdoor spaces, mudrooms, basements, kids and playrooms, primary suites, fireplace design, millwork and trim work, custom cabinetry design layouts, sourcing for materials and trades people, paint consultations, staging, and more!

We work with both residential and commercial clients on a individual or per-project basis. See below for more information about our consulting packages. Please note, we are not limited to these services. Contact us to chat about the details of your specific project! Flat rate services available.
*Coming soon: Specialized consulting for eco-friendly design and Universal Design (ADA)*

Ask Me Anything - $350

Do you already know what you like (and what you don’t), just want to run things by a professional? Need some ideas for space planning? Curious what a real renovation is like? Need a second opinion? Want us to walk through a house you're thinking about buying and talk about the potential? All of the above?

Our Ask Me Anything consultant package includes a 90 minute collaborative meeting with Sara (in person or zoom) where you can discuss any interior design related questions you have about your space, a follow up email with a summary of everything discussed including links to any products or brands or tradespeople we recommend (if applicable), and follow up suggestions about the next steps you should take for your project.

Monthly Subscription - starting at $1,750/month

This option works great for commercial and residential projects. You get our services for a set number of hours per month where we can collaborate on any scope- from full interior design and space planning to being a sounding board and a resource/support for you during a construction project.

Month-to-month - we will recommend how many months we think will be needed. Min commitment is 1 month.

Interior Design Consulting Services

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A note from Sara & Emily

Grace & Chaos was created with lots of heart and passion for what we do. We believe that interior design is about more than just creating beautiful spaces. It’s about creating wellness through spaces that inspire joy and peace to the people using them. Design allows us to help guide people through a journey of self discovery and creation. We love that we get the opportunity to listen to our clients’ dreams for their space and then to be a part of creating it with them, and to watch as the design develops and becomes tangible. We get to see our clients fall in love with their spaces and it is beautiful.


We are passionate about interior environments and the impact they have on our well-being as humans. With 90% of our living happening within interior spaces, the impact our surroundings can have on our well-being is often underestimated. We pride ourselves on finding a balance between aesthtics and functionality. We love being able to help people to understand both the possibilities and the limitations in a space. Our approach is to design intelligently - carefully considering both the reality of the structure and the opportunity to create change. We see interior design as an opportunity to create environments that are as unique as our clients.


We strive to over-communicate to the team members involved in the project to help reign in the chaos, however, there will still likely be chaos. And we will be with you every step of the way to explain, guide, and manage the process. Just remember - there are no design emergencies, every problem has a solution. Our goal is to leave you with a completed project that feels intentional, functional, and beautiful.


We never take for granted the opportunity we have to change your world with you and we love every moment.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. We do.


Give yourself Grace.

Embrace the Chaos.


all love,

Sara + Emily

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